Nazism / Ndasp : The Political Party

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Nazism/NDASP: The political party Hitler was apart of that rose to became the overarching party in Germany after Germany’s sharp decrease in economic quality during the interwar years. (More about this in the 3 sides of the Nazi Triangle) “Night of Long Knives”: Any threat that Hitler saw to his power or the Nazi party in general, he round up and shot on June 30, 1934. Lebensraum: The idea that, in order for Germany to reach it’s full potential, it needed more land for agriculture so Germany could be self-sufficient, and for families to live on. However, this was really for the expansion of Germany so it would have imperialistic power. “Ein reich, ein volk, ein fuhrer”:One of the Nazis ' most-repeated political slogans was Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer – "One People, One Empire, One Leader". Nuremberg Laws: A list of laws that promoted the Nazis and Hitler’s racist ideologies- that Jewish people must register, they were no longer considered Reich citizens, and they were not allowed to have relationships with other non-Jewish Germans. Kristallnacht: November 9 &10th, 1938, “the night of broken glass”, in which lots of violence was taken out on those who were Jewish by burning down their synagogues and businesses, smashing the glass in on these places of business also, as well as killing some. Mein Kampf: Hitler’s book, “My Struggle”, that he wrote while in prison that expressed his resentment for Germany’s settlement in the Treaty of Versailles, of those who were

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