Essay on Nazism's Effect on the German Society

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Nazism's Effect on the German Society

When the Adolf Hitler came to power as chancellor on 30th January 1933, he immediately starting using his position to make the changes that he had wanted to see implemented for over a decade. With Von Papen as Vice Chancellor and Gobbles and Goering as ministers, the Third Reich was able to bring massive political, social and economic change to the lives of German people.

The Reichstag became a forum for Hitler to expound his views and policies with a total lack of criticism and under Article 48 of the German constitution, Hitler was allowed to rule by decree without the support of the Reichstag. Utilising this power, he saw to it that all other political
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Membership was only open to pure Germans. Various methods of propaganda were used to mould the public's attitude to end class divisions and conflict. As part of the effort to achieve social conformity, everyone was expected to attend parades and speeches, which became a feature of new public rituals celebrating events in the Nazi calendar. A number of welfare measures were introduced to give people the opportunity to show the Volksgemeinschaft at work. The winter help scheme was organised, in which money was collected to help the unemployed. Even after full employment had been achieved by 1936 the system continued to encourage self-sacrifice.

Women played a vital role in Adolf Hitler's plan to create an ideal German community. The attitude of Nazis toward women were summed up with the slogan 'Kinder, Kuche und Kirche' (children, kitchen and church). Women at home producing healthy Aryan babies were a central image in Nazi ideology, as Hitler believed a larger, racially purer population would enhance Germany's military strength and provide settlers to colonise conquered territory in Eastern Europe. The Third Reich's policy encouraged 'racially pure' women to bear as many Aryan children as possible. Nazi organisations for women, such as the National Socialist Womanhood entailed that women should stay at home and have babies. They used propaganda to encourage women
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