Nazy Atrocities in the Movie Defiance

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Defiance is not a typical holocaust movie, although there are scenes of Nazi atrocities, the story is more about those Jews who escaped the German camps and fought back for their freedom. It is based on a true story of the Bielski brothers, they led thousands of Jews to hide from the Germans in the forests of Nazi occupied Belarus, and they managed to keep them alive for several years. This movie is historically very accurate except for minor issues that happened in the movie. The Bielski brothers were actually aggressive with each other to show power over the rescued Jews, but what was not accurate that the film suggests Asael was much younger than the other two, he was actually only two years younger than Tuvia, while Zus was four years younger. In the film, Tuvia kills one of the police officers that killed his parents which was true but he did not go into emotional distress because of it, he was sending a message that who would kill Jewish people will be killed too and the fact he killed many others before this officer it did not matter to him. What was also accurate, in Eastern Europe, the Nazis didn’t immediately send Jews to concentration camps, instead, they created walls around each city, where Jews were forced to work as slaves, and kept in terror by frequent executions. Until the walls were destroyed, the Bielskis had many plans to rescue the Jews and guide them to their camp in the forest. It was daring from the brothers as they had a heave price for

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