Nba Racism

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The National Basketball Association has been around for decades and decades. David Stern is the commissioner of this association and has done a good job thus far, but the NBA regulations are increasingly restricting player freedom, both on and off the court and quite frankly the players are sick and tired of being treated this way. The NBA used to be a business of competitive athletes and coaches ' competing for the national title in June, now it seems the NBA is to excite the fans and keep the media happy with its outrageous stories.
Basketball was created by James Naismith 1908; Sonam Aheer first established the NBA in 1949. Fashion in the NBA is not what it used to be. In the early years of the business, everything was more casual and
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When David Stern made it mandatory for a player to sit down and have an interview after every game, this got players ticked off. The players felt that if they had just lost a game it would be disrespectful for a group of people to ask them questions on why they lost. It might not have been their fault, but the interviewers wanted to start up controversy between teammates. Finding the right agent made it very stressful for high school students and parents. They were still young adults and were not smart enough to know who was in it for the money and who was in it for them. David Stern makes the players participate in all types of events in the off-season. The NBA has a program called Junior Achievements where different teams around the league go to their local town and visit a public school for the day. This is good publicity for the players ' good deeds but when it conflicts with the players ' family life it becomes unacceptable. Every year on Christmas, four teams play each other, while all the other teams get to spend time with their family and teammates on a day off. Does the commissioner not know that these players have better things to do than pass out turkeys to a homeless shelter they have families that love them and doing charity events on the holidays will keep them from seeing their loved ones.

The NBA dress code is extremely
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