Nba vs Wnba

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Victor Zuniga

Composition and Communication I

June 30, 2013


We are going to talk about the differences about the National Basketball Association and the Woman National Basketball Association. Because right now the popularity on the WNBA is known than the NBA, mainly because of the excitement of the NBA brings to the fans is a lot more entertaining than the WNBA, obviously because in the NBA have more money to pay their players and to have nice venue. An interview on ESPN said that an NBA game draws over double the attendance of a WNBA game, which means that there will be more ticket sales as well as merchandise sales and endorsements. This means that owners of WNBA teams are making much less money
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Another major distinction between the two leagues is that there are only two conferences and a total of 14 teams in the WNBA but there are two conferences with 3 teams in the NBA. One similarity between the NBA and the WNBA is that the rules for both are governed by standard basketball rules except for ball size and the distance of the three-point line from the basket. The only other significant difference in the rules of the game between the NBA and WNBA is the fact that in women 's basketball there is no block or charge arc located under the basket. It is likely that as it matures, the WNBA will make additional changes to its rules and style of play meant to create more parity with the NBA. WNBA The rise in popularity of women 's basketball has led to the creation of the Women 's National Basketball Association (WNBA) in contrast to the Men 's National Basketball Association (NBA). There are many other differences between Men 's and Women 's basketball. The NBA season includes 82 games whereas the WNBA season includes only 34 games. Another difference that demonstrates the impact of gender in creating differences between the NBA and the WNBA is the size of the basketball. Despite the fact that both women 's and men 's basketball seems similar at first glance, there are significant differences between them. NBA vs. Some of the differences between NBA basketball and WNBA basketball appear to be
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