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------------------------------------------------- MGT 474: NCAA CASE STUDY PROFESSOR: TIM SLAUGHTER February 25, 2016 PAULA OLAZABAL DEL CANTO id: 130024 February 25, 2016 PAULA OLAZABAL DEL CANTO id: 130024 The following Case Study is about the National Collegiate Athletic Association unethical act in the sport college league. How this league creates big amounts of money which is invest in all short of projects rather than take care of the student-athletes. The study case highlight the two main principles issue that the National Collegiate Athletic Association faces; the money how the student are not getting paid and the academic versus sport. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a member-led organization…show more content…
This normative approach are created by member representatives who serve on committee. They are the ones in charge to decide which rules to adopt from recruiting and compliance to academics and championships. How I stated before, one of the main NCAA’s issues is the money. The NCAA makes 1 billion of dollar during the month of March, but the players do not get paid at all. The internal stakeholders are the ones who defines ethical issues in business. The internal stakeholders like the member representatives create rules that are beneficial for most internal and external stakeholders. The problem appears when, the rules that are create are beneficial for most of the stakeholders, but the only ones who are not benefit from it, is the players. The players are the most relevant stakeholder, because they are the raw material. Without them, there is no business. The descriptive approach is strongly apply among the different levels of organization, but it still lacks when it comes about the players. According to Mark Emmert (President of NCAA) the athlete’s salaries is something that it would not even be debate about. The NCAA support their argument by saying the players are not employees they are students, so they do not have to be paid because they are already pay in the education and opportunities that are bring from playing at the NCAA league. From a legal point of view, what they NCAA does about
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