Ncaa Football Vs. Basketball Game

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Imagine sitting down in the comforts of your home, relaxing on the couch, and eating your favorite junk food while playing your favorite video game. What if you 're actually playing as yourself on the newest NCAA football or basketball game. Wouldn 't that be awesome? Believe it or not it didn 't seem that awesome when Ed O 'Bannon, a former UCLA power forward, had a realization. O 'Bannon wondered why he wasn 't getting any compensation for being on the video game who had duplicated his image onto the game. As time went on and more athletes, past and present, were added as plaintiffs the case started to evolve. Not only did the case involve the NCAA video games, but the NCAA brand as a whole. Colleges make a fortune off athletes who in turn play in hopes of a professional career; however, even though athletes who play in college are granted a scholarship many struggle to pay for things such as laundry or food. Although the court ruled that NCAA violated it 's anti-trust laws in making the video games, the court still ruled in favor of amateurism in sports after the appeal of granting $5,000 payments to athletes. So the question still remains, should college athletes be paid to play? I propose that college athletes get a percentage of the profit directly from the Colleges based upon how much the specific sport profits within the Association. Every year college athletics are becoming more of an annual tradition and popular entertainment. The annual rise of the revenue from
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