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A common goal among sales and marketing teams as well as branding and marketing teams is the obligation to obtain and maintain consumers, but their path and motivation to reach this goal is very different.
There are misconceptions about the role sales and marketing teams play as it relates to consumers. provides validity of differences by outlining the difference. For example, “marketing tries to understand the customer as a generic group/ segment or persona in order to create generic value propositions and 'mass' awareness” (citation 1). Marketing is known to have long-term goals and their workflow follows that timeline. Marketers lean toward the creative and detailed oriented traits where collaboration among colleagues is encouraged.
On the other hand, the focus of a sales team is to developing one-on-one relationships to assist with developing a customized experience. Although a sales team is built on relationships, this team is geared toward short-term goals that produce reduce results in a rapid manner. With that said, the relationships develop are intended to be long-term for future.
I would identify the styles of marketers and sales teams as:
Marketing - Generalization of potential consumers with long term benefits that result with
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For many years, the NCAA’s marketing team’s primary focus was on the sale of championship tickets. Although ticket sales were one of several revenue or attendance generating initiatives, there was a lack of support for marketing fan events that did not generate revenue that were conducted in conjunction with the overall championship experience. Those that served in this position were truly sales men/women, with a marketing title. Ultimately, the focus was revenue driven based on a select audience. Once a sale was complete, efforts were directed to the next ticket

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