Ncaa Vs. Nba Draft

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In college basketball players are entitled to entering the draft after their freshman year in college because of the one and done rule. NCAA does not believe they should entitled because they want the players to get a degree to secure their future. Also they are too immature for the things that come with being in the NBA. They are not fully prepared or developed for the NBA. I agree with the NCAA that they should increase the minimum of years for a college basketball player to enter the draft.
You might wonder, what is the “one-and-done” rule exactly? “One-and-done” is when a player enters college and plays only one year and has a choice to either leave college for the NBA or stay for multiple years. NCAA and NBA implemented this rule because they believe that the players are too young and immature for the NBA. Before 2006, players were able to enter the NBA draft straight from high school. Prospects were not panning out and seemed like they needed a year or two develop their game. In other words, players were not meeting expectations. The NCAA wants to increase the amount of years to either two or three years that a player has to stay in college before they can consider entering the draft.
The rule only lets a player enter the draft, if they’re 19 years old and one year removed from high school. Players would go to the draft because of financial reasons. Some grew up in poverty and by entering the draft would solve that problem. By creating a big pay day. Tiny Gallon said,
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