Nco Responsibility and Property Accountability

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NCO Responsibility and Property Accountability

With great power comes great responsibility… As a Non Commissioned Officer we have great power, to influence, to mentor, provide motivation, and we hold others lives in our hands. This power is not to be taken lightly at all. Responsibility is defined as a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsible, reliability or dependability. In this paper we will examine the role of the Non Commissioned Officer his/her duties and responsibilities, the Army Values that help provide a foundation for the Army as a whole, The Non Commissioned Officers Creed which helps provide guidance and stability for all Non Commissioned Officers, and property accountability which is of great
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These values may be positive, as cleanliness, freedom, or education, or negative , as cruelty, crime, or blasphemy. So when discussing values you also enter ethics and morality into the equation. When encompassing a large group of people from different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds who have to establish a set of rules or values for all to find common ground on. The Army Values does just that. This plays into the role of responsibility because the acronym LDRSHIP displays just that. We found earlier that to be a leader you have to be responsible they go hand and hand. So by now you are probably wondering what is LDRSHIP. Leadership is loyalty, duty, respect, self-less service, honor, integrity, personal courage. These are the values that help each and every service member cope with the day to day struggles they face and help with their decision making process. I could define verbatim what these values mean but I would rather tell you what they mean to me. Loyalty is to be true to oneself and others always, duty is to do what needs to be done, your job. Respect is a two way street, treat others as you would treat yourself. Self-less service is simply to be able to step out of your comfort zone and do things for others and the Army with out putting yourself first. Honor, well in the spirit of the 27th Engineer Battalion “Do All Things Well.” Integrity, don’t

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