Nco of Marines

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What does ot mean to me what a marine NCO is First off i would like to state a well known quote known by all Marines, "Non Commissioned Officers (NCO's) are the backbone of the United States Marine Corps." Without the NCO's the Marine Corps could not function. This quote alone holds a great deal of history as well as gives a brief discription of what a Marine NCO truely is. NCO's execute all orders and lead their fellow Marines. An NCO will go out of his or her way in order to aid, or take care of their junior Marines. An NCO is looked up to by junior marines for guidance, and duties they need to carry out every day, and as a leader it is important not to give orders you would not follow yourself, and to have your junior Marines…show more content…
Their personal affairs are to be kept well managed so they do not interfere with their work lives or responsibilities. The strong values and responsibilities of the Marine NCO are now, more than ever, necessary to carry out the operations being assigned to United States Marines. The role of the NCO is characterized by their leadership skills, ability to train and care for their subordinates, as well as their responsibility to enforce Marine Corps standards to ensure the proficiency of the Marines in their unit. Strong NCO leadership is extremely crucial out in combat, particularly when it comes to small unit combat operations. NCO must have courage to be able to lead their Marines in the presence of
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