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NCR in Scotland Case Study
NCR set up its subsidiary in Dundee in 1946 as part of a wave of inward investment in Europe by major American multinational companies. The incentives had come from various European governments, coupled with the Marshall Aid Plan, a brain child of General George Marshall, who aimed to revive Europe’s economy after the ravages of the World War II. NCR as a whole has about 38,000 employees worldwide. The Dundee subsidiary employs around 1,500 people of whom about 100 are on temporary contracts. The company is involved in 126 countries, but it does not have subsidiaries in all of them. In some countries they deal with local parties such as distributors or are engaged in joint ventures with local partners. NCR was
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The personnel manager is usually a middle- or senior-rank manager who does not have a say in his or her company’s strategic decisions.
The Human Resources dealt with personnel functions, but they were planned and implemented with regard to the overall strategies of the company and the ways in which human resources (HR) can contribute to those strategies. The person in charge of HR and its development correspondingly occupies a very senior position in the company, such as a director, sits on the board of directors and participates in strategic decision making. HRM is incorporated into the company’s business strategies.
In Dundee HRM is very much part of the company’s overall strategic plans, and its significance is reflected in the fact that a senior director heads the HRM department. The HRM Director has been in fact the MD’s right-hand man since the early stages when they turned around the company’s fortune in the 1980s. They set their human resources strategy as part of the company’s overall strategies, by developing an education for all program which was used to build employee trust and loyalty.
Dundee NCR’s products are all called self-service systems, and they split into two categories: ATMs (automated teller machines), which provide cash, amongst other things; and other financial automated
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