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1. Briefly describe the current state of Next Day Air Service's office automation, system integration, and networking. Begin by explaining how each department uses information technology, what hardware it uses, and what functions currently are automated. Also assess which department is most in need of a network. The level of automation varies significantly among the NDAS departments and offices. In addition, NDAS is in the process of downsizing to achieve a more cost-effective computer support system. For example, the Sales and Marketing Division has a desktop computer for each of the account representatives. All of these computers are connected to a small local area network (LAN) that serves only the Sales and Marketing Division. The…show more content…
Moreover, if questions or problems arise pertaining to the delivery of a parcel (package tracking), but the billing ticket information has yet been entered into the corporate database, then that ticket must be located manually. Locating these tickets manually is very time consuming, which is a factor that could keep NDAS from serving its customers quickly and maintaining a competitive advantage in the overnight delivery market. 4. Which two of the four networks (e.g., LAN) might be appropriate for NDAS? NDAS definitely needs a WAN because of its widespread operations as shown in the text. It also needs LANs in the various offices and departments. These LANs would eventually be interconnected to each other and with the WAN. Note to instructor: An alternate answer could be a single large LAN for the entire headquarters, interconnected via a WAN to the field offices. 5. When looking over the organization chart, you notice that the acting manager of the Information Services/Data Processing department is also named Coone (Les Coone). Inquiring, you learn that Les is President Coone's nephew. Les has just joined NDAS. This is his first job, and he has no background in information systems, data processing, or data communications. Will this be a problem for you? If so, why? How will you handle it? This can be a problem because of Les Coone’s inexperience and his relationship with President Coone. The best way to handle the situation is to try to

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