Neal Shusterman's Siddhartha

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Ultimately the book chooses to have deep thought come up with the answer, which is philosophy. Deep thought then tells everyone, the answer is 42, however that answer does not do much justice so they decided to create earth, which would give a more detailed explanation to 42. Unfortunately, that never happens because the Vogons destroyed earth before the answer came. However, nonetheless Arthur was able to figure out the meaning of life, which is an enlightenment theme. All in all “The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy” represented a coming of age for Arthur. He started with a limited knowledge and ended knowing the secrets of life and space.
“Siddhartha” by Neal Shusterman is a well written book that tells the life of a young boy named Siddhartha. …show more content…

Back in his home village, Siddhartha was pretty much going through the motions, he would go to the different rituals and do the things that people wanted him to do, he was simply spiritually and emotionally dissatisfied (Puchalik). For Siddhartha his enlightenment journey started right when he joined the Samanas. The Samanas were a stepping stone for Siddhartha, he used them to get away from the village, where he was trapped by religion. As his journey went on Siddhartha experienced both failure and success, both helping Siddhartha reach his end goal of enlightenment. Experience is a major part of enlightenment, it’s through dealing with the failures in life that one can achieve enlightenment. However it is not just about experience, Buddhist experience also requires some type of education, which Siddhartha got back at the village. While on the journey Siddhartha learns many things the hard way, which helps him on his path to enlightenment. For example when his son runs away his first reaction is to find him and bring him back. However the ferryman has to tell Siddhartha that things do not always go as planned, his son did not want to be on the ferry with him. It was in learning to let go of his son that Siddhartha was able to realize that enlightenment comes from deep within the soul. By letting nature take its course (by just living life) Siddhartha was able to find

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