Neale Wallenberg Research Paper

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Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish Diplomat and an extremely brave and strong person who sacrificed his own safety to save thousands of Jews from the capture of the Nazis during World War II. He did this by providing them “Shelter Houses” to them so the Nazis would not find them. In the end, he was captured by the Soviets in what was believed to be January 17th, 1945, and was never seen again. Even so, his selflessness and sacrifices will live on and he will always be remembered and commemorated.
Wallenberg was born into a very wealthy family in Sweden, August 4th, 1912. His father passed away before he was born so he was raised mostly by his mother and grandmother. Before his father died; however, he made sure Raoul would be able live his life as a world banker, paving the way for most of his education and entry into most foreign countries. Despite his father’s wish, he began to study at the University of Michigan, majoring in architecture. In 1935, he graduated, then moved back to Sweden. When he returned, his grandfather had employment in South Africa, at a Swedish firm in 1936. That firm sold construction materials, and was where he met Jews who had escaped prosecution from Nazi Germany. …show more content…

what their plan for the Jews was. Because of this, the U.S. created the War Refugee Board, aiming towards helping European Jews escape the hardships of prosecution. When looking for someone that would be able to travel to Budapest and help Jews escape, they looked to Wallenberg. He set up his office in Budapest, and almost immediately he began working. He helped Jews by distributing documents of protection, which protected the Jews from persecution against the Nazis. In addition to this, he also provided food and medical care, using funds from the WRB (War Refugee Board) and

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