Neanderthal Brain Size At Birth

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       In the article, "Neanderthal Brain Size at Birth Provides Insights into the Evolution of Human Life History" by Marcia S. Ponce de Leon discussed human life history is characterized by an extended period of developmental immaturity. This pattern of ontogeny is thought to be necessary for higher cognitive capabilities (Ponce de Leon 37). However, recent studies suggest the differences between the human brain growth and the chimpanzees are less evident (Ponce de Leon 37). Humans reach their large adult brains by means of higher growth rates early during ontogeny (Ponce de Leon 37). With that being said, large adult brains are connected with slow life histories (Ponce de Leon 37). Even so, the…show more content…
Yet, there hasn't been any indication of an increase in intelligence (Henneberg 745). In modern humans, brain size and intelligence is very weak (Henneberg 745). With the exception of size, there appears to be no significant dissimilarities between the anatomy of ape and human brains (Henneberg 745).         In addition, the macro evolutionary enlargement of the hominid brain correspond with other mammals and body size (Henneberg 748). The micro evolutionary decrease in human brain size during intellectual and cultural achievement (Henneberg 748). The lack of intraspecfic correlation between brain size and measured human intelligence is not in result of its size (Henneberg 748). It is also probably not in result of its gross anatomical structure (Henneberg 748). Human encephalization may be more a result of the reduction in the relative body size as opposed to the increase in brain size (Henneberg 748).        In the article, "Brain ontogeny and life history in Homo erectus" by Steven R. Leigh discussed Homo erectus provided meaningful insights about the evolution of human ontogeny, life history, as well as cognition. The similarity between hominins is determined by testing three hypotheses (Leigh 105). With that being said, Mojokerto's absolute brain size is expected to be 0.5 - 1.5 year old H. sapiens (Leigh 105). The cranial
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