Near Death Experiences Essay

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What our eyes can see are limited. What our mind can imagine are also limited. In the usual cases people don’t believe things exist unless their eyes have seen. The existence of dualism of both human flesh and the spirit or the existing life and afterlife seem to be a doubtful topic. Most people’s belief seem to fall in the category of monism which “only one basic substance exists as the ground of reality” (Web Dictionary). That reality is the human body, the materialistic world that we see everyday with our eyes made of flesh. Or in the cases where people cannot decide whether consciousness still exists after death of the body. However, people with the testimony of near death experiences do not seem to fall in the category of monism, but …show more content…
Those feelings were so real that she could still feel it till today. That is definitely something science cannot approve. “This light wasn't just physical, but was giving off a living emotion” (Ian). Ian before his near death experience he considered himself an atheist. Which he only believes in a materialistic world- monism. During his experience he first saw an eternal darkness-hell. And then he was was being able to see bright lights and also felt the comfort of being loved like Rebecca. “God is light in Him there is no darkness” (Holy Bible, 1John 1:5). Though Ian has never read the Bible, but he was being able to think of that during his experience, that is something not just the conscious mind is capable of providing. It's some sort of Being or power greater than our mind could provide. It is beyond consciousness. Because his conscious does not know what he knew. “The waves of Love ceased and I wondered if I could possibly step into the light” (Ian). With this over whelm sense of peace and the pacify of his heart aside from the pain that he was in, there are no other possible answers to determine why this exist other than he stepped into another side of life. Another fact that convinced me that our conscious mind lives after the death of the body is from my family stories. My mom always believed in there are spirits exist around us that we can’t see with our eyes. She believes because my grandmother had many experiences of encounter with the spirit.