Near Failure at Nagasaki case

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Facts Mission planned for Aug. 11th. Moved to Aug. 9th due to weather conditions. Maj. Charles W. Sweeney was the pilot in command. Flew the leading aircraft, Bockscar, which would drop the bomb. Navy Cmdr. Frederick L. Ashworth: senior weaponeer on board Bockscar. Had managed field-testing of the atomic bomb. Primary target: Kokuro. Secondary target: Nagasaki. Six B-29s were assigned for the mission. Capt. Fredrick C. Bock flew the instrumental aircraft, The Great Artiste. Lt. Col. James I. Hopkins Jr. flew the observation/photo airplane, Big Stink. Two weather airplanes: Enola Gay (flown by Capt. George Marquardt) and Laggin’ Dragon (flown by Capt. Charles F. McKnight). Enola Gay monitored Kokuro and Laggin’ Dragon…show more content…
However, because of a firebomb strike from two nights before, the target was not clear. Regardless of the angle that Sweeney had tried to approach the target, the smoke was making it difficult to visually see where to release the bomb. They were not prepared for this outcome. Instead of ending the mission there, Sweeney had decided to go to Nagasaki. However, they were not prepared for the trip to Nagasaki. They should have ended the mission there, especially since they were low on fuel. Issue: Lack of motivation Motivating a crew is very important in succeeding as a team. Everyone needs to be acknowledged and understand what they can bring to the team. Solution Positive Negative Sweeney should address the importance of everyone’s role in the mission. This would cause everyone to feel important and fulfill their position. Knowing Sweeney doesn’t have combat experience, they may not trust him. Sweeney to approach Hopkins and create a relationship. Would destroy any tension between the two, making Hopkins perform his best. Hopkins may feel offended and continue having a non-cooperative attitude towards Sweeney, because he was his JR. Tibbets should acknowledge Sweeney’s skills; explain why Sweeney was chosen. Sweeney would be more secure about why he was chosen and make better decisions. Sweeney would be seen as weak because he relies on someone else to lead and/or motivate him. Solution From the beginning, Hopkins did not respect
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