Nebosh Idip Unit a (Q&a)

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NEBOSH INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY UNIT IA – International management of health and safety January 2011 Question 1 (a) Giving reasons in EACH case, identify FIVE persons` who could be interviewed to provide information for an investigation into a workplace accident. (5)
(b) Outline the issues to consider when preparing the accident investigation interviews for workers from within the organisation. (5)

SECTION A * The injured person who would be able to relate what happened; * an eye witness or the first person on the scene who might have observed what happened; * the first aid person who attended to the injured party at the scene of the accident with respect to the
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Risk avoidance; involves taking active steps to avoid or eliminate risk for example by discontinuing the process, avoiding the activity or eliminating a hazardous substance.
Risk reduction;
Involves evaluating the risks and developing risk reduction strategies It requires the organisation to define an acceptable level of risk control to be achieved which could be by the use of safety/risk management systems or the use of a hierarchy of control measures.

Risk transfer * involves transferring risk to other parties but paying a premium for this for example by the use of insurance; * the use of contractors to undertake certain works; * the use of third parties for business interruption recovery planning or outsourcing a process or processes.

Risk retention Involves accepting a level of risk within the organisation along with a decision to fund losses internally. It could involve risk retention with knowledge where the risk has been recognized and evaluated or risk retention without knowledge where the risk has not been identified - obviously an unfavorable position for the organisation to be in. Question 4 (a) Outline the site operator requirements for emergency planning and procedures within the International Labour Organisation Convention C174 ‘Prevention of Major Industrial

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