Nebraska Catholic Health Initiatives Is A Non Profit Organization And Faith Based Health System

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A1: Description of the Organization Nebraska Catholic Health Initiatives is a non-profit organization and faith-based health system. This is a large corporate organization across the country. The reason why l chose this organization is because I am currently employed as a provider relations coordinator. This is a catholic based organization, moreover it’s the largest non-profit health system in Nebraska. It operates a total of ten hospitals across the state, one academic center in Omaha, home health agencies, nursing homes, and community health centers. This organization was formed in 1996 by catholic health system who had the same mission of nurturing healthy communities -across the nation where it provides care. CHI also provides…show more content…
The core values of CHI act as guiding principles for the CEO when making decisions these are: Reverence: To honor and respect all creation, our relationship with other organizations Integrity: In all what we do we must be truthful, good moral, fidelity, trustworthy Compassion: Stand together in solidarity in times of sorrows and joy. Excellence: Putting our best and professional forth and being the best example in the community. A2: Leadership Practices: The three leadership practice of Dr. Cliff Roberts of Nebraska CHI delegated leadership, transformational leadership, and transactional leadership. Transformational leadership is a type of leadership where the leader does a lot of communication with the staff, they identify the change needed, create a plan to change through inspiration and executes the change while developing the follower into a leader. The leader is always generally energetic, enthusiastic and passion about their work. They are always inspiring positive changes into employees, focus on helping the staff succeed well, always challenging employees to take greater ownership in their work and understand the weakness and strength of each person and align each with the task that optimizes their performance. In this type of leadership, the leader is always welcoming new ideas, new ways of doing things and new opportunities for employees. The line of communication is very open, employees
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