Necessary Losses by Judith Viorst

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From a young age most people have gone through many relationships with other people who were not their family. Thus, we often acknowledge these relationships as friendships. But the word friend is too broad, so people categorize their friends to several types. In her book “Necessary Losses: The Lovers, Illusions, Dependencies and Impossible Expectations That All of Us Have to Give Up in Order to Grow”, Judith Viorst divided friendships to six types. Those are convenience friends, special Interest friends, historical friends, crossroad friends, cross-generation friends and close friends. In my life, I have been friend with many people since I was little. Although I have met all six kinds of friend of Viorst, convenience friends and close…show more content…
Before I met Huy, I used to live my life quietly, keep a distance from other people. I was not bad at socialized with other people, but because I did not have a close friend I felt like lazy to talk to others. I often stayed at home and spent more time on my computer. Then thing changed when I met Huy. We hanged out together all the time. We met and invite more friends to our group. Moreover, the time that I spent at home and on my computer lessen. I have changed from a quiet, unapproachable guy to the one who is more friendly and sociable. Furthermore, whenever I am with Huy and other close friends of mine I feel the joy in doing everything. For example, our party would have more fun with everybody there. Together our trip to the mountain or the beach would be more exciting. The fabulous time that we spend on the karaoke night could last forever. This is also one of the contributions of close friend that Viorst noted: “they also contribute to our personal pleasure, making the music sound sweeter, the wine tastes richer, the laughter ring louder, because they were there.” (3). However, in one’s life there will be the time when everything go against our prediction. But I’m not worry because close friend will come to us and help us go through our hard times as Viorst wrote: “Friends furthermore take care […]” (3). During my hard time, Huy always stayed next to me, I told him that

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