Necessary Product: Wheat

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Necessary product The commodity that is under discussion here is wheat. Wheat can be classified as a necessary commodity and not a luxury commodity. According to the Free Dictionary online (2012), necessary commodities are those whose demand is constant, it is a staple produce or product that can be processed and resold . This indicates that there could be a given population that relies on this particular commodity for the substantial part of their provision or meals. It is apparent from the various functions of wheat that it is a commodity of necessity as it spans a wide range of usage in the daily livelihoods. For instance, it is used for making bread flour, from it comes the pasta that is daily consumed in America, it is also used in the baking of biscuits and other baked cookies, it can also be used to provide the fiber-rich duets that may be needed by some special groups that may require special nutrition due to sicknesses. Wheat also provides cereals that are high in bran that is useful in the control of pain, nausea, distensions, flatulence and constipation among other conditions (The Pro-Fit group, 2005). It is also worth noting that there are some brands of beer that are made from wheat especially in France unlike the USA where barley and maize are more predominantly used (Thierry Montesinos & Jean-Marie Navarro, 2000). Being a necessary commodity and not a luxury commodity, it is worth noting that wheat cannot be highly substituted in most of the uses that
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