Necessary for an End Result

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The Draft, Necessary for an End Result In recent years the government has been using the Volunteer System for the military, but the Draft is a far better option because it will actually lead to an end result in the war. When the United States decided to declare their freedom from Great Britain in 1776 they had used a militia service for fighting the Revolutionary War. But, When the United States officially became their own recognized nation in 1783, they needed to start building an official military. At that time they started using Conscription, or as it is more commonly known, a drafting system. This drafting system was used in every single war since then up until the near end of the Vietnam War in in 1973. With that in mind, the draft is something that should be reimplemented because the United States has never lost a war that only used the draft, the draft was effective at allowing the United States of America to win the war, and the All Volunteer Service has not been able to bring about the same winning results as the draft had done.
To kick off, when the draft was started it was known as Conscription, otherwise known as a mandatory enlistment into the United States military it was used when volunteer numbers did not provide sufficient manpower. The draft was first implemented on a national level for the Union during the Civil War after President Abraham Lincoln had misjudged the amount of volunteers that he would need to defeat the Confederacy.
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