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Necrophilia is a sexual arousal to corpses. Individuals who are attracted to corpses not only have intercourse with them. They also fantasize about the role play with that person. Necrophilia is considered a non-consensual act with a corpse because the dead cannot give consent. Abraham A. Bill who published the first book on necrophilia in 1941 had stated that these individuals are mentally deficient, psychotic, and incapable of obtaining a consenting partner. There are many range types for necrophiliacs from fantasizing about corpses to stealing corpses for their sexual pleasure. Some people commit homicide to get a body, which is called necrophilic homicide. A study that was conducted in 1988 found that 42% of necrophiliacs interviews…show more content…
He continued having sex with his neighbor’s corpse. Eleven months later, he killed his wife because she rejected his “sexual advances.” He continuously sexually assaulted his wife’s body, later when he was done he buried her body with the neighbor’s. He later confessed to the murder and said he was angry with the neighbor and his wife. He had felt deep anger at being rejected for sex. The court is considering preventive detention. This is when an offender is kept in prison until he is deemed to be at risk for no longer of reoffending. Another incidence that occurred was in Beijing, China; a thirteen year old boy killed a three-year old girl then had sex with her. The police arrested the thirteen year two days after the incident. The police are withheld his name because under Chinese law an individual who is below the age of fourteen cannot be charged with criminal offense. The boy confessed that he committed the crime. He noticed the girl playing near his apartment on his way home from school. He grabbed her, took her to his house, bound her hands and feet with tape, and drowned her in a basin of water. The local media quoted psychologists saying that “the incident may have been motivated by pornography available on the Internet” (Dasgupta). Necrophilia is not considered to be a genetic condition but a learned behavior. It is considered a learned behavior because they did not get much affection or love in their childhood. The person should be assessed
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