Ned Block On The Philosophical Topic Of Consciousness

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Throughout the interview with Block, he stated that there are two kinds of consciousness, the access, and phenomenal consciousness. The interview straightforwardly begins, with Ned Block on the philosophical topic of consciousness by the interviewees David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton, where Block introduced the readers with one of those topics. In the beginning of the first two to three pages of the interview, Block claims that “the problem of whether conscious perception is rich or sparse” (77-78). Basically, he claims that conscious perception would either provide or limit individuals with awareness. One would either have full access of their consciousness or are limited to certain things that bypass them.
Ned Block claims that people are not as conscious as they
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One of the examples that I found to be interesting, that relate to access consciousness, which was discovered in psychology, state that people can miss obvious items in the space that are right in front of their faces. The experiment is as follows; people will count how many passes between the white-shirted members of a basketball team and ignore the black-shirted members. Furthermore, the passers will be moving fast in between the basketball team, which will be a demanding task to process. Some might say that it's easy, but here's the catch, will they observe an individual wearing a gorilla suit walking across a basketball court. Well, a very high percentage out of a same one state that they did not notice a man wearing a gorilla suit
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