Need For The Study : The Health Problem Of Women

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Need for the study:-

As a researcher myself as women I think women is a pillar of a nation In a country like India women has a given a less respects compared to men in every aspects she get less priority As we talk on health issues women health has neglected in our society the priority for women health given in the society less as compare to men. Women for her family he give her whole life she always neglect her health.

The aim of the study is basically to see the health problems of women in their day to day life while working daily and challenges they face due to their health

This study explores the different dimensions of the lives of part time domestic workers – life in slums, working conditions and their attitude towards work. This study focused on two distinct categories of domestic workers

Working conditions in the informal sector are often unsatisfactory and these jobs offer no security of employment or benefit

Women are primarily found in the following sites of work:

• Garment and electronic factories

• Home based work for garment factories

• Domestic work

• Construction work

• Running petty roadside stalls

A focus on female domestic workers there has been a s increase in the number of female domestic workers in India in the last two decades. According to National Sample Survey (NSS) data, show that the number of male domestic workers remaining static at 0.3 million between 1983 and 1999, the numbers of female domestic workers have increased from 1.2
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