Need Of The Study Of Women

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Women-owned enterprises contribute 3.09 percent of industrial output and employ over 8 million people. Approximately, 78 percent of women enterprises belong to the services sector. Women entrepreneurship is largely skewed towards smaller sized firms, as almost 98 percent of women-owned businesses are micro-enterprises. As with the broader MSME sector, access to formal finance is a key barrier to the growth of women-owned businesses, leading to over 90 percent of finance requirements being met through informal sources. The total finance requirement of women-owned MSMEs in 2012 was around Indian rupees 8.68 trillion ($158 billion).
Within the segment, small enterprises led the demand for financing: around Indian rupees 6.42 trillion ($116 billion), approximately 74 percent of the total requirement. This was mostly due to unmet working capital and investment finance needs. Micro enterprises with a requirement of Indian rupees 2.05 trillion ($37 billion), accounted for 24 percent. Most of this requirement was largely focused around working capital needs. Women-owned medium-scale enterprises, which account for 0.01 percent of the total MSME sector had finance requirements of around Indian rupees 0.21 trillion ($4 billion), about 2 percent of the total requirement. Microfinance loans for seed capital allow women borrowers build credit habits and become more bankable. Thus, microfinance plays a key role in expanding access to finance for low-income women aspiring
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