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Week 3 Assignment IT/284 Scenario: Bill, a project manager from a financial firm, calls the computer support hotline and expresses his frustrations with the software he has just purchased from your company. He is a new customer and has little experience with how to use the software. After receiving the call from Bill the project manager I could tell by tone in his voice that he was very frustrated and irritated with his new software purchase. Therefore, in order to maintain the relationship that Bill has with our company I must convey a sense of professionalism and humility when it comes to guiding him through this process. Since I will be interacting with Bill by way of phone there are a few things that I would want to avoid;…show more content…
Another technique for supporting my client will also include how I will ask for information for particular areas of data and queries which will also help me understand and solve the client’s inconsistency. Being that he is project manager I would assume that he has general knowledge of how to operate a computer and most of its components. But if that is not the situation, I can still collect enough data that will allow me to determine what the main issues is and form judgment on how to resolve the matter at hand, My understanding of the software will play a key part in determining what’s next in the conversation yet, too much computer jargon can upset the client more because it tends to show that “yes” they are incompetent to your product and that should be avoided as well. Having the capability to correctly end a conversation can be just as important as beginning one. When done you should always summarize the call and what has been decided for instance say things like, “Let me go over what we decide to do” or “Let me summarize the process for you.” And always end the call positively by saying, “I’ve enjoyed talking with you, Mr. Smith” even if the matter wasn’t resolved it’s important that the conversation end with the client’s comfort and frustration being set and that he will have no cause to worry any more about the
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