Need for Ethics in an Organization

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Business ethics is essential for the long term sustainability of the organization as it act as a core structure in the private as well as public organization.It gives an idea about the organization to run successfully with the help of employees and stay away from the detrimental situation.

Ethical behaviour likely to be good for business and it illustrates important moral principles include honesty,fairness,equality,dignity,diversity and individual rights which are essential for the organizational integrity(Brian Hill,2013).Business ethics include three level of analysis namely system,organization and individuals(Josep M.Lozano,2001).

Ethical people recognizes the difference between right and wrong which creates good conduct in the organization.Ethical behaviour itself making good business decisions in the organizations based on the advanced "Code of Ethics"(Paul Griseri,1998).It act as a framework for the decisions which is made by entrepreneur as well as the employees in the company.On the one hand ethical behaviour enhances some benefits to the organization either public or private which is from customers to the stakeholders.It includes attract customers to the products which resulted in increased sales and profits,try to make employees to stay long term in the business reduce labour turnover& recruitment costs and increased productivity.Apart from that more employees are attracted to work for the business enable the company to get talented employees(Cadbery

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