Need for Increased Surveillance in Our World

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Due to an increased threat of terrorism, many governments have increased the amount of security they use and the limitations on human freedom. By using different types of technologies, government organizations can “listen in on cell phone calls, use voice recognition to scan mobile networks, read emails and text messages, censor web pages, track a citizen’s every movement using GPS, and can even change email contents while en route to a recipient” (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2014). They have the ability to secretly turn on webcams built into personal laptops and microphones in cell phones not being used, and can do so at any time without the user knowing. Governments everywhere are using all of this information, filtering it and organizing it on such a large scale, that it can be used to spy on almost every person in a world city, and even an entire country. The way governments watch their citizens operates like Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon prison. A Panopticon is a prison in which the guard can view all the inmates in their cells without being seen themselves (Sage Publications, 2012). This means that inmates would be watched at all times. However, Bentham recognized that constant surveillance was not possible, and the design would make the inmates unsure or whether he or she was being watched. This led the prisoners to believe that they were always being watched, which could…
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