Need for a Mentor in Families

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Exploring the perception of family members on an absent mother and need for mentorship. Key words: perception, family members, absent mother, mentorship, 1. Problem Statement 1.1 Research problem. Absent parenting does not specifically mean physically not being there as a parent, It can be being there but not contributing to the growth of the child (emotionally and psychological) which will have an effect on the child’s life. Due to family structures and roles changing (Steyler & Strydom 2004) impression of an absent parent could form as parents no longer spend enough time with their children and normally this is where other family members step in raising the child which supports the saying It takes a community to raise a child, which simply means takes more than just the child’s parents to teach them the difference between right or wrong ,this can be seen as mentorship/mentoring as according to Ndabazandile(as cited by Steytler & Strydom 2013) a mentor is someone who is influential and has established a personal relationship with the child to help them reach their goals. According to General household survey (2012) South Africa the number of children living with both parents decreased from 38% in 2002 to 33% in 2011, 24% (24% of the 18.5m) do not have either of their biological parents living with them. This does not necessarily mean that they are orphaned: in most cases 78% (of the 18.5m) children have at least one parent who is alive but living elsewhere, and over
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