Need for a Web Development Project

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Mobile Coffee Shop Report Justify why a web development project is needed. One could argue that coffee is one of the main things that keeps students going and keeps them being productive. Coffee helps students get to class and complete their assignments on time and beer helps them to unwind and socialize the other aspect of college. Our website orbits around the idea that college students need coffee and it's simply a matter of putting it right in front of them during the times that they need it the most that we can notably turn in high profits. A web development project is needed because this will more strongly link our consumer base to the brand. While we're certain to get a lot of unplanned traffic to our small satellites of our business, we want to establish a consumer base with a lot of loyalty. This is the key reason why a website it needed. A website will help us foster a base of customers and extend the loyalty of these students, giving them a sense of belonging to the brand, of the brand of coffee being personalized to them. Our company is going to revolve around mobile coffee carts. We don't want to simply scatter them around the campus of KSU; we want to strategically place them so that at various times of the day they're in places where the foot traffic is highest. For example, in the mornings the foot traffic around the quads and the medical center is highest, but as the day shifts the traffic moves in a southwestern sweep across campus. That's the
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