Need to Rehearse Your Lines in Book, A Challenge for the Actor by Uta Hagen

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In this introduction, Hagen helps the actor by giving the reader nine questions to ask him or herself. She created a few exercises to help the actors and actresses practice by themselves. She states that when doing these exercises, to not look for “interesting events” and to use real props. She really stresses the importance of rehearsing your lines.

Basic Object Exercises:
• The way that you rehearse should be definite and concise. Practice a lot but when actually performing it, act as if it was impulsive.

• This text helped me to understand Hagen’s form and approach to acting. Whenever I see people act on TV, I think, “wow! It sounds so easy to do what they do” when matter of fact, acting is so hard.

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It is easier to endow an object with physical and reachable attributes, as it is an object of difficult description and qualities. I think being able to provide a scene with your endowment of an object to help you do justice to the scene can be very helpful and beautiful
Talking to Yourself
• Be aware of when you talk to yourself normally.
The way that you talk to yourself is different than the way you talk to others, especially an audience. You may be more confident and ready in front of yourself but less confident in front of others so again, practicing, in front of a group of friends or audience can help you prepare better. It is still one of my goals to be able to perform wonderfully in front of the class one day.

• Explore being in different outdoor situations
• Learn to watch what you do when you are on your own time and not really doing much

By exploring the realms outside of acting, you can really get a feel of what it feels like to be out of a scene, or perhaps even in a scene. Noticing your behavior while doing nothing can really tell you how you behave otherwise. Are you really quiet in person and really loud or obnoxious on stage? This really made me think of who I was and made me wonder if I ever acted for a living, and if it were to at all change who I was as an actor.

Conditioning Forces
• Being able to put together three or more senses like heat, cold, pains, dark, etc.
Being able to walk into a scene

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