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Needs versus Wants of MOUNTAIN DEW, NIKE SHOES and IPOD INTRODUCTION There are N number of products under various categories in the market. But how many of them are successful is a fact that needs to be analyzed. The customer can view only the end product. But the actual fact behind the success of the product is invisible to the customer. One of the most important factors that lead to the success of the product is Marketing. The term marketing revolves around three basic principles –“Needs, wants and demands”. It is very important to understand the difference among the three before identifying the needs and wants of our examples Mountain dew, Nike shoes and IPod. Needs: Human needs are basic requirements Human needs are the basic…show more content…
But one has to understand that the brand got established in the market with its quality. Nike is an example of such a top range product which has the skill to meet the customer wants and needs. The customer’s need of shoes aligns to a point where he gets the much wanted comfort. Nike will be the first choice as the name itself serves as the guarantee. There are variety of designs and features across the product balancing the comfort factor as well. They help enhance the physical strength by best enabling the body, perform its best while exercising and jogging. The world’s best athletes who represent in Olympics go for Nike. This exemplifies the quality and the comfort which fulfils the wants of the customer. Yet again Nike fulfils the customer’s needs being comfortable and affordable, wants being fashionable and varieties to choose from. The customer feels great and proud to use the product because the shoes not only reflect one’s reputation but also prove to be appealing and performing. NEEDS VERSUS WANTS OF IPODS The factors discussed for the above two products holds good for IPods as well. Apple product holds the highest brand value in the world market. The company was a pioneer in introducing a device which is small, compact and portable yet offers mobile on the go music. Music addicts’ and lovers’ needs were rightly understood and thus the product made a history in its reputation and sales. An
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