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1. I would use a combination of questionnaires, interviews and observations to conduct what is needed in the assessments. -Questionnaires: This will be an assessment where they will be anonymous. This will hopefully allow for the people who do not want to come forward to give their input on the subject without being identified. - Interviews: By interviewing people who could possibly be involved and alumni who have taken similar course I should be able to identify areas that need major improvements along with areas that seemed to work well but might need slight improvement. -Observation: This will give me the ability to see in action what is working and what is not. By observing the class and what is happening daily gives great…show more content…
I would address these concerns because the course this course will go further than just patient care we will talk about safety of the patient and the technologist along with how to communicate with patients and their concerns in regards to radiation and how to proceed with the procedure the doctor prescribed. 5. The learners would be anyone that is new to radiology and taking courses to achieve their license in this field. They will benefit by learning safety protocols for the patient and technologist, how effective communication is in the x-ray room and how this communication can not only ease tension but can also help to produce a better exam. There is a lot to learn about people and in Radiology where you only have a short time to gain their trust and confidence this is necessary. 6. List of goals and topics: -Communication: Give better insight on communicating with different nationalities and ages. -Transferring patients: this can cause a lot of harm to both the patient and technologist if not done properly. We will be going over proper techniques and requirements to make sure this is done safely - Safety: this goes along with the previous goal and also with protecting the technologist against what the patients may have contacted. This includes airborne and droplet precautions and needle/blood safety. 7. The type of curriculum that I want to approach these issues would be a basic lecture. Then move on to
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