Needs Assessment Paper

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Bruce Hatch HR592 Mini Paper Professor Introduction: In this paper I will complete a needs assessment and explain how I used the assessment to help complete my course project. By doing so, I hope to help the reader understand the process involved in developing a training strategy to address the needs that will be identified. Establish Content I am currently employed as an independent contractor with Four Feathers Counseling LLC. Four Feathers Counseling was established on November 2, 2008 by Teresita Tirona LPC and Bruce Hatch MFT. Four Feathers Counseling is currently responsible for providing therapeutic needs for provider agencies such as Colorado Division of Youth Corrections, Colorado Department of Human Services (El…show more content…
Some of the documents will be mandated such as the consent for services and client disclosure. Others could be required by the particular referral agencies such as the Human Services required safety needs assessment. Four Feathers Counseling has a treatment plan goal document that it requires all cases to complete regardless of referral agencies requirements. 2. Organization Surveys are provided by referral agencies and are required at the intake assessment and closure of case. This allows Four Feathers Counseling to collect data that can determine the overall success of each case and intervention used. Referral agencies will also contact Four Feathers Counseling to audit their cases. During this process they will contact clients as well. Four Feathers Counseling also will complete surveys that determine the types of cases and follow-up surveys that reflect long term success and/or sustainability. 3. Observations are completed by senior therapists of the new therapists or therapists who are beginning a new type of intervention after recent certification. This would include a certification for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). The intervention is used in trauma. After the therapist completes the required training they will need to receive case supervision by a credentialed EMDR therapist as well as group supervision to discuss the cases. There
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