Needs Assessment and Analysis Essay

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Needs Assessment and Analysis Introduction and Overview Businesses in today's economy often face challenges that are not readily apparent until, more often than not, the costs of those challenges become critical. A businesses ability to identify the fundamentals of these challenges and act accordingly to squelch the damage that has been done while bouncing back is paramount to the businesses success. This paper will identify three key areas in identifying and repairing the critical problems that can occur. More importantly, this paper will also identify several fundamentals within the three areas. The paper will examine some sub levels of (1) analysis, (2) cost, and (3) research. Additionally, this paper will discuss the…show more content…
A good example of this level of analysis put to good use is demonstrated by Kmart in the late 1950's. In a case study by Hartley (1997) Kmart and the two year analysis of their market performed by Harry B. Cunningham (later President of Kmart). In this instance Cunningham studied the overall market and competitors while analyzing the Krieger (Kmart) organization. This needs assessment eventually led Krieger to change its approach to that of the discount genre and the first Kmart was opened in 1962. Though the company had experienced a 34 percent decrease in profits between 1958 and 1962, the new venture called Kmart was an immediate success (Hartley 1997). Kmart would grow from 216 stores in 1968 to 1,366 stores in 1978. Task Task analysis, as stated by Dessler (1997), is a detailed study of a job to identify the skills required so that an appropriate training program may be instituted. By analyzing the task, a company can determine a variety of methodologies for hiring, training, and forecasted outcome for the task being analyzed. Additionally, effective task analysis enables a company to determine what tasks need to be performed, and gives it the ability to gauge whether or not the necessary tasks are indeed being performed. A classic example of this is demonstrated by a needs analysis performed for General Motors (GM) and the United Auto Workers (UAW) on the task analysis level. According to Finison and Szedlak (1997), GM and
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