Needs, Wants, Demands - Marketing

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MKT 3130: Principle of Marketing
Spring 2011

Assignment 1 Essay: Needs, Wants, Demands

Instructor: Dr. Kim Chung Made by: Sarmoldayev Miras ID: 20090401

Almaty 2011 Outline: I. Introduction II. Needs, Wants, Demands 1. Hierarchy of Maslow a. It’s implementation in KZ 2. Wants a. Reflects your needs and wants or marketing shapes your needs and wants? 3. Demands
III. Conclusion

Needs, wants, demands

According to the Maslow’s hierarchy person needs not too much, however he or she wants a lot, but can afford not all wants, means can not satisfy all demands of his or her wants. This is my point of view on this very interesting topic. Which concern to core
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To prove that this is new tendency for our country we can take the statistics that almost all adults and pensioners, and previous generations used to get marred and have birth to children in relatively young ages, under 23 years old stage (KazBalt, 2010 ). This tendency is again already “Wants” of people that goes just after reaching the “Need”. The third level in Maslow’s hierarchy is the first level of “higher level needs”. Probably that’s why it is more difficult to reach it. The fourth level of Maslow’s hierarchy is so-called “Esteem needs” includes mostly external motivators such as Recognition of other people, Attention to the person, earning and getting high Social Status. Accomplishment and Self-Respect are also very high desired levels of human’s progress in life. People usually get to this level only by middle or even retirement age, but many can not manage to get there ever by the end of the life. At this stage person must be feeling almost happy. As an illustration I can say that Kazah people really want to satisfy this Need of Esteem. They try, desire to get respected, or to be talked about in good manner. Kazakhs love to show off by buying very expensive, exclusive thing, such as cell phones, cars, and so on. For them one of the most common ways to make others be talking about them is to be late on any events, such as birthday party, wedding parties, just parties. Lateness is one of the main characteristics of
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