Essay on Needs of Diverse Learners Final

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Chapter 1 1. The maintenance of cultures as parallel and equal to the dominant culture in a society is?
Cultural pluralism

2. The concept that different cultural groups can and should maintain their unique cultural identities while participating equally in the dominant culture is

3. Culture influences the importance of prestige, status, pride, family, loyalty, love of country, religious belief, and honor. The manifestation of culture that is reflected in this statement is

4. The inability to view other cultures as equally viable alternatives for organizing reality is

5. The general process of learning the social norms of the culture is

6. The principle
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Whites have little or no experience with

34. All of the following accurately represent trends in American education EXCEPT
Approximately 1/3 of white students take at least one calculus-level course.

35. Antiracist education involves all of the following EXCEPT
Ignoring racial slurs or derogatory comments in the classroom

36. A claim that one treats everyone equally regardless of race is
Color blindness

37. A population that is native to a country or region is

38. Adoption of the dominant group's cultural patterns by a new or oppressed group is

39. The Supreme Court unanimously declared that separate but equal schooling was not equal in
Brown v. Board of Education

40. Marriage within the same ethnic, cultural, or religious group is

Chapter 3 41. The group whose members earn annual incomes that allow them to have a standard of living that includes owning a home and car is
Middle class

42. Of the following groups, the one with the highest incidence of poverty
Female-headed households with no husband

43. Composite of the economic status of families or persons on the basis of occupation, educational attainment, income, and wealth is
Socioeconomic status

44. White collar workers, professionals, and managers generally belong to the
Middle class

45. All of the following are
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