Needs of the Body, Mind, and Soul Essay

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Human Beings are made up of three components: body, mind and soul. Corresponding to these are three needs that must be satisfied for a contented life: the physical need is health; the psychological need is knowledge; the spiritual need is inner peace. When all three are present there is harmony and self-actualization.
Abraham Maslow developed a human hierarchy of needs which was conceptualized in the form of a pyramid to explain how people move from physiological needs to self-actualization resulting in a complete personality. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ranked from the basic physiological needs and psychological needs which must be fulfilled before satisfying self-actualization needs. Maslow believed that motivation is driven by the presence of unfulfilled needs.
The following is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid:

Physiological Needs: are within the biological system of a human being which must be satisfied to sustain life like air, hunger, thirst, sex and sleep. If these needs are not satisfied then one will be motivated to fulfil these needs. These are the physical needs for survival and the body cannot function if these needs are not met. It is at the bottom of the pyramid and the most vital to be satisfied first. The metabolic needs for survival are air, water and food for human beings and animals. Shelter and clothing protects human beings from the weather and human sexual instinct evolves the birth rate. When these physiological…

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