Needs of the Human Resource Information Systems

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Introduction The genesis of information technology changed human interactions at workplace drastically. The human resource department have undergone through computerization. Therefore, human resource information system (HRIS) can be defined as a system which lets you keep track of all your employees and information about them. This information is usually done in a database or more often in serious of inter-related databases (Susan Heathfield, 2009). The information contained in human resource information system normally serves as a guide to recruiters, trainers, careers planner and other human resource specialists (CP Team, 2011). However, the system allows companies to cut down costs and provide more productive information to employees in faster and very convenient manner. This therefore is more important during hard economic times; because company needs to become more efficient and human resource department can't be felt behind. It's also improves the effectiveness of human resource department which therefore help in quick planning of the future human resource needs (Byars, 2010). Nevertheless, human resource information system (HRIS) needs a range of things when accessing and planning for its implementations. For example the needs has to tie to windows based installed on the computers, Salary history of the organization, salary grade analysis, the future plan of the company, and custom fields or custom screen options. These to ensure that the human resource
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