Negative And Negative Effects Of Cartoons On Children

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Introduction I have grown up with cartoons and absolutely loved them. I never imagined what they could do to someone's mental state I never questioned this until the day I was at an autistics boys house. He was watching SpongeBob in this episode SpongeBob gave Patrick (SpongeBob's best friend) a haircut and within the space of 3 minutes the autistic boy had a pair of scissors in his hands and tried to cut my hair. At the time I was shocked by this and thought does this mean cartoons can have adverse effects on people. So that’s why I decided on this topic to find out the negative and positive effects of cartoons on people. The negative effects of cartoons. Through my research, I have found many cases and examples of what cartoons are capable of not only just for autistic people. One of the studies I found was conducted in Turkey and was named ''The influence of violent TV cartoons watched by school children in Turkey'' this study's purpose was to find the effects of different cartoons on school children The research was conducted on a total of 300 students chosen randomly. A 20 question document was used for data collection, using interviews with the students. It was found out that the male students who were interviewed liked more violence orientated cartoons and were more likely to imitate what those characters were doing ( . I found this intriguing as I thought that it would be similar results for both genders I assume that boys are more connected with the cartoons and find small things to associate themselves with. There are many effects cartoons can have and a lot of them aren't good for example if a child was to watch 4+ hours of cartoons every day there would be a higher chance of obesity, the child could be struggling with social skill as it is much easier to just switch on the tv than talk to someone. If a child watches violent cartoons regularly they are more likely to desensitize to violence and loss, also if a child was to watch cartoons where a character jumped out of a tree and walked away without a scratch the child may do the same ( . Like I said in my

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