Negative And Negative Effects Of Marijuana

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Negatives of Marijuana Marijuana is a dangerous drug and should not be legalized. Marijuana can damage lungs, it can affect cardiovascular shape and it puts you at higher risk for heart attack or stroke, raises blood pressure and many other harmful effects. You can also end up getting addicted to marijuana (Watson4). It’s a very dangerous drug especially if driving. There are many DUI’s and deadly accidents that are marijuana related each year (gray1). That’s why marijuana is illegal in almost every state. “Nevertheless, the number of teenagers partaking in marijuana does appear to be on the rise, at least partially due to a reduced perception of risk among teens who have been following the various legal debates around the country around legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana.” Noelle swan (Christian Science Monitor2). Although Marijuana is dangerous it doesn’t seem to stop any one from using it. Marijuana is the most common used drug in the United States and polls show that Americans are in favor of marijuana (congressional digest1). It has various slang names such as; weed, pot, grass, ganja, bud, herb, and many more. In two states recreational marijuana is legal and twenty-eight states medical marijuana and legal in two states for recreation use marijuana (Gray1). Marijuana cultivation has been traced back up to six thousand years ago. Some strains of marijuana are found to be up to seven times stronger than decades ago (Harvard Heart1). There is even
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