Negative And Positive Aspects Of Social Media

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With the increasing number of social media sites, it is a premise that technological advancement is an important part of the today’s teenager 's lives. This research was obtained random sample of the participants were drawn from college students. The study interview results showed that 57% of the sampled confessed that they spent at least 7-8 hours daily on social media platforms, while 21 would spend more than 8 hours; 12% spend 2-5hours and only 10% uses less than 3hours to check the sites. Indeed, results show that that while most teenagers make use of social media and spend several hours checking their sites, there are both negative, and positive aspects of the teenagers use of social media Background/Introduction: The Internet gives a speedy and continually changing data and stimulation. The varieties come in the form of cell phones and tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Email, web journals, informal communities, texting, and message sheets provide knowledge about any topic. Each individual 's Internet utilization is different from the other person. You intent to use the Internet broadly for work, as depending immensely on social networking media to stay in contact with faraway family and companions. Investing a quality time online just turns into an issue. Online communication networks have been on an expanding usage from year to year. These social networking systems have particular points of interest and weaknesses additionally. The largely influenced group of
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