Negative Argument on the Green Movement

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It was during the prime of the Roman Empire that people began to worry about where all of this waste was going, and how it damaged the environment (ProQuest Staff). This was the birth of the Green Movement, which is the pursuit of methods to positively impact the environment. According to A Rubbish Map, “the world’s cities currently generate around 1.3 billion tonnes of [municipal solid waste] a year”. This information shows that there is still a very significant negative impact on the environment from human activity in spite of the recent advance of the green movement. Along with this fact of excessive waste still existing, there are many other reasons the green movement has not yet had a positive impact on the environment. The three main restrictions to the green movement causing a positive impact from humans to the environment are continuation of excessive waste in American cities, lack of effective recycling around the world, and governments restricting the ability of individuals to live in accordance with the green movement.
In America, according to the American Environmental Protection Agency, the average person generates 4.4 pounds of solid waste daily (United States Environmental Protection Agency). This adds up to 250 million tons of solid waste produced in America every year. This total continues to grow, and it grows fast compared to the increase in American population. America reached…
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