Negative Aspects Of Slavery

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Slave Narratives give a somewhat accurate description of slavery, because they tell of slavery from a primary source, but those who lived long enough to tell their stories often weren’t subjected to the cruel conditions most slaves were, and the interviews may have been skewed to convey the story that a white southerner wanted to convey. Not all slaves were educated to write about their experiences so there isn’t a full picture. According to the WPA interviews, slavery didn’t have a negative impact on slave’s relationships. “I would have cried for my ole master though, because I really loved him” (Matilda Hatchet). Matilda unlike many slaves actually liked her master; her master allowed her to go to school for a few weeks and live in a nice house. Many other slave masters would severely whip their slaves if they found out that they were getting an education and they would also not invite them to a family dinner like Matilda’s master did. In addition, many masters would intimidate their slaves sexually and end up having children with them, without gaining consent from the slave. Not only that, the slaves were often separated from their family members, ruining their close relationships. Unfortunately, slavery was beneficial to the U.S economically. The U.S became the number one slavery business in the world since most of Europe banned slavery. Most of the slavery took place within the southern parts of the U.S. The large landowners of the south had access to fertile land,
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