Negative Aspects of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Cosmetic Surgery - Worth the Risk? In today's society the picture of beauty is a thin super model with the body of a goddess posted on billboards all around the world. Children grow up playing with Barbie dolls with the body measurements of would be 90,60,90. Because of these pictures and other figures of beauties projected all over, a person is convinced to believe that to be beautiful and happy, one must look like these images. To most, the easiest way to achieve this is my having cosmetic surgery performed. With the change of times, has also come the advancement of medical procedures, yet how safe can a person be who is having cosmetic surgery performed on their body. No matter how good the technological advancements, there is always…show more content…
Yet, many who are looking into having a surgical procedure performed do not take this risk into account. Although the technological advancements of today may seem to have improved the results of cosmetic surgery, more complications can also arise from improper training of the surgeon. Many "discount" price plastic surgeons that claim to offer professional service for a low price have begun to show up all over the country. Most of these doctors not even properly trained to perform such drastic cosmetic surgeries. A doctor can attend a seminar at a hotel and in a few hours, learn how to perform liposuction (Fettabsaugung). With the increase of untrained surgeons performing these procedures, the risk of death and improper results also increases greatly. Low-income people that are attracted to the visions of beauty on the magazines are caught in the lure of these "fake" surgeons. These doctors promise perfect results at half the price of experienced surgeons. Any doctor can perform procedures such as liposuction, even dentists have been doing it. Many fatalities of cosmetic surgeries in recent years have been as a result of unlicensed doctors performing highly technical surgeries. "It's especially risky if it's done in a doctor's office, if the doctor is not properly trained and certified..." A current issue in Miami, Florida involves a plastic surgery "doctor" named Reinaldo Silvestre who is believed to have fled the country as a

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