Negative Body Image

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When she was younger, she would flip through her sister’s magazines. She came to the realization that being skinny was attractive and appealing. She comprehended the fact that no one had the same appearance as her. They were lighter, had blonde flowy hair, and an hourglass figure. Looking at herself, she realized that she looked nothing like them. Looking back at the magazine she wondered, Is that what is desirable? Body image is how you see yourself in your head. A positive body image can improve your self-acceptance and self-esteem. A negative image can lead to feelings of depression and isolation. Many women want to rectify their body to have a “favorable” image. Body image has a detrimental influence on women because the media depicts an unrealistic body as ideal, women become susceptible to eating disorders, and women alter their body with cosmetic surgery. The media depicts an unrealistic body as ideal. Women see impractical pictures of other bodies all the time. “Women are constantly bombarded with "Barbie Doll-like" images" (Body Image par. 1). This quote conveys how women struggle with their body image since perfection is everywhere. Even though magazines and advertisements play a role in body image issues, there are other influences. “Peer groups are to blame, as well as social media and filtered photographs," says O'Neill. "Everybody is just projecting 'perfection' images instead of the gritty realities of stretch marks, lumps, and bumps. It's pervasive

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