Negative Connotation In Brave New World

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In the novel, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley portrays the political and scientific values of the government through the way the totalitarian government runs England in the
1930’s. Huxley uses symbolism, imagery, and negative connotation to define the theme of identity loss, brain washing, and controlled society. The theme is shown through each character and the experiences they face throughout the novel. In Brave New World the government is overbearing and very scientifically advanced. They are involved in each aspect of the characters’ lives’, and Huxley uses many unique incidents to explain how and why they do the things they do with their power. The government controlled people through drugs, science, and by telling the them how they should feel and associate with one another. Which meant no they did not form relationships.
The government in Brave New World strived to take away each person's individuality by filling their heads with what they wanted them to know, making them depend on soma, and forcing them to attend solidarity services. Making each person drug dependent was the easiest way to manipulate the people without them asking questions. Therefore, as mentioned above the government created a free universal drug called soma to keep them from speaking out against the political values the country had. Each person was told to take soma, this was a way to make them lose their inner self and conform to how the government wanted them to be at the
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