Negative Economic Inequality In The United States

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In the United States there is an extreme negative economic gap that exist which is deplorable because it numbers based on inequality are worse than countries like Iran, and Russia. The early 80’s is when the wealth gap began to increase rapidly as there was a gap being created. This gap was not only wealth but also economic which is why the middle class began to disappear. But because of the situation what now has happened across the countries is that both rich and poor inhabitant the same neighborhoods and locality. This was from many affluent people who once let the cities but now returned back to the cities due to attractiveness of jobs opportunities. Therefore, there is an influx of wealthy, more educated, affluent people who move back to the city. In return, values go up because of mass people who want to live there and this drives those who were there who are less wealthy to become to some degree more poor. Moreover, because of this there is a question on whether this is just a economic inequality or a inequality of opportunity. Some of those that are rich or from affluent families are born into a family with already given opportunity. Is that those which are already having a chance even before having to work hard? According to (Pearlstein, 2017), unequal income has meant the rich have an extra 1.2 trillion dollars. This means that they are able to spread this wealth with those especially children who are at a disadvantage. The inequality that exists is far above just
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